Vision Statement, Mission Statement, & Program Learning Goals

MBA Vision Statement:

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program will be recognized as the leading graduate level business program in the 13 counties comprising the south central Tennessee region.  The MBA program prepares men and women for high-level leadership and management careers in public and private organizations.

MBA Mission Statement:

The MBA provides a rigorous and relevant business educational experience for the development of upper and middle level managers. 


Located in the rolling hills of Pulaski, Tennessee, we are an inclusive, respectful community of graduate learners that focuses on making ethical decisions while creating sustainable value for a dynamic, internationally competitive marketplace.  The MBA curriculum is designed to afford learners many opportunities to study independently and in teams while building analytical, problem solving, and communication skills. 


MBA candidates take a common core of business courses including: accounting, marketing, management, finance, operations, global business, analytics, and strategy.  The mission is achieved by using a blend of traditional classroom learning experiences, "LIVE"Classroom, online experiences, and extra classroom assignments. 

Program Learning Goals:

Candidates will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Communicate effectively;

  • Exhibit a global awareness;

  • Apply ethical frameworks to business decisions while maintaining business value creating activities;

  • Exhibit competence in the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of solving business problems.