The Martin Methodist College MBA "LIVE" Classroom

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We at Martin Methodist are committed to EXCELLENCE in Education. To that end, our MBA Program is “LIVE”.  Our “LIVE” Classroom will allow you to:







We know not all MBA Candidates can make it to class because of distance, work demands, traffic concerns, family commitments or carbon footprint, so we’ve designed our classroom for you.  Use our “LIVE” Classroom occasionally or every class….it's your choice.


A “LIVE” Class at MMC means taking your MBA courses, not online, but in-person or Virtually. We provide the needed software, you’ll need a stable internet connection, your webcam-enabled laptop running on WINDOWS 10, a power source, and an hour and 55 minutes. You’re there….in class….virtually; we see and hear you and you see and hear us in real-time. You’re an interacting member of the class. Ask the teacher a question, give a presentation, interact with your team members….Virtual style!

Our “LIVE” MBA classroom is an enhanced, real-time, Virtual, interactive, academic….growth experience. No more online class discussion boards or waiting on an email reply to get clarification. You’re there with the rest of the on-campus class and with a doctorally trained professor in real-time to answer questions.

Our entire MBA Program is offered “LIVE”……no on-campus residency requirements…..register, pay, and come to class Virtually. MBA graduation is only 30-hours away!


  I…..In-person or 


  E….Every class!   

The Martin Methodist College MBA “LIVE”

Technology requirement for MBA: A wi-fi enabled laptop with webcam that is running on Windows 10 with HDMI and USB port.  "LIVE"-Virtual students need 15 mbs download and 5 mbs upload speed internet connection.