Finish in One Year

In order to complete your MBA in 1 year:

  • You must attend the program full-time. (4 courses worth 10 credits per semester)

  • You must begin the program starting with the Summer term.

*Note: MBA courses are held during the same semester for each academic year.

Term 1: Summer


5:30-7:25pm BUS 525 Analytics

 7:35-9:05pm BUS 501 Negotiation



5:30-7:25pm BUS 512 Financial Statement Analysis

7:35-9:30pm BUS 532 HRM 

Term 2: Fall


5:30-7:25pm BUS 520 Corporate Finance

7:35-9:05pm BUS 502 Supervision


5:30-7:25pm BUS 514 Marketing Mgmt.

7:35-9:30pm BUS 530 Production/Oper. 

Term 3: Spring


5:30-7:25pm - BUS 590 Strategy Capstone

7:35-9:30pm - BUS 522 Global Business


5:30-7:25pm - BUS 510 Organizational Behavior

7:35-9:05pm - BUS 503 Leadership

Total credits completed:.................. 30

For each 3 semester credit hour class we will have approximately 25 hours of face-to-face time and 13 hours of out-of-class engaged time.  For each 1 semester credit hour class we will have 9 hours of face-to-face time and 4 hours of out-of-class engaged time.